High Probability Of Life On Mars-says Professor From India

2017-04-18 08:01:48

Credit:  NASA

Credit: NASA

The evidence for past and current life on Mars and the ability of fungi to thrive on Mars, are briefly reviewed. Studies of three Martian meteorites has demonstrated evidence of life on Mars hundreds of millions and billions of years ago, whereas the Viking experiments provided evidence of current microbiological activity. In a recent study, experts in fungi identified two different species of fungi growing on the Red Planet, mushrooms and Basidiomycota. Fungi are well adapted for living on Mars and the evidence supports a high probability of life.

Fungi Can Live on Mars

Numerous scientists believe there may be life on Mars despite its thin atmosphere, high levels of radiation, and the fact that for much of the year, and depending on location, temperatures can fall as low as -60C to -125 C (-193F / -76F) or climb up to +80F. These extremes would not be insurmountable for fungi. Fungi can thrive in the presence of high levels of radiation, in high and low temperatures, in areas with high salt concentrations, as well as in extreme acidic and alkaline environments. 


Source: The High Probability of Life on Mars: A Brief Review of the Evidence Cosmology, Vol 27, April 15, 2017