5 Worst Snacks You Eat Every Day

2018-02-03 09:36:10

Credit: pixabay.com

Credit: pixabay.com

India has a very rich cultural heritage.  Generally most of the dishes consists of deep fried specialties. Snacks dominates the tea time. But before you bite into your favorite snack there is something that you should know about it. Maximum Indian  favorite snacks contains the worst kind of fat and full of calories that is double trouble for your heart. 

1.  Aloo Samosa :  Based on size and stuffing a samosa is about 200-300 calories, loaded with saturated fats and has no other nutrients in it. 

2.  Vegetable Pakora: Pakoras are made by deep frying your preferred variety of vegetables/rice/potato - in a mixture of garlic, besan, and salt.  Pakoras are generally high in fats and therefore high in calories also.

3 Vada: Medu Vada is considered healthy as it has dal or lentils. Well, it is not. Vadas are fried adding to the unhealthy quotient. They are deep fried until golden brown in color.

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4. Kachori: Kachori, a spicy Indian food is a small, crispy, round flattened ball made of fine flour. Kachoris are stuffed with  peas, sev, spiced gram flour, moong dal, dried peas, dry-fruits, etc and then deep fried. Each kachori can have as many as 200-250 calories and may vary with size and the stuffing.

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5 Aloo Tikki: A spicy and fried Indian food. Aloo Tikki generally high in fats and therefore high in calories also.

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