Bacteria On Keyboard

Dr.Shivakrishna Pabba

2014-07-24 03:56:41

Bacteria on Your Keyboard

Bacteria on Your Keyboard

Without even considering it, we tend to come back to daily contact with bacteria on different surfaces and objects. These bacterium and mould build up particularly in areas that are troublesome to scrub, like the crevices on electronic devices, ventilation systems and filters. Studies have shown that computer keyboards are typically dirtier than average public toilets. Frequently disinfecting and cleanup your computers and workplace instruments helps stop microbial from spreading and improves your equipment’s performance. Researchers have discovered that laptop keyboards contained seven, 500 microorganism per swab - rather more than a Public toilet seat, that has five, 400. (By Fiona Keating October 6 in International business times)Another report states, one iPad had 600 units of Staphylococcus aureus, while a Smartphone had 140. The computer keyboard had 480, compared to less than 20 units per swab of an office toilet (AFP RELAXNEWS Wednesday, September 18, 2013,). When you begin typing on a keyboard that has been acclimated by others, you may be tapping down on a host of bacteria. Researchers from Swinburne University of Technology begin that 10 computers in multiple-user accessories were adulterated with coliforms, a bacterial indicator of the germ-free of food and water. They were adulterated with staphylococci, a common cause of food poisoning. The presence of these bacilli could advance to derma infections and gastroenteritis. Each time you put your bit of correspondence plastic to your face, you're gambling adding a large number of germs to your face. Through the procedure of touching our cell phones and keyboards, our gadgets turn into a reproducing ground for germs. This methodology is rehashed different times all around the course of our day by day exercises. The gathering of these microscopic organisms makes the normal telephone one of the dirtiest gadgets in our lives.

So what to do for avoiding this?

Applying commercially available ethanol-based hand sanitizer onto the computer keyboard and asked users to sanitise their hands before using a terminal. Half of the computers were also cleaned with antibacterial wipes

While implementing these cleaning regimes would be an extra cost for facilities, using hand sanitisers would be a minimal cost.

If the computer is located in the workplace, rather than public access, reducing illnesses among employers would have a financially beneficial outcome.

Do not eat at your desk. It can create both bacterial and fungal infections. Save the eating for the lunchroom, restaurant, park bench or any other place away from your desk.

Use air purifier to control bacteria


If you’re ill, don’t go to do work