Common Flu Virus Can Cure Liver Cancer

2017-07-26 12:31:24



The common cold virus could have the power to destroy tumours in cancer patients, scientists suspect. Scientists are getting ready to test a revolutionary treatment that will entail injecting patients who have advanced liver cancer with a laboratory-grown flu strain. This method obliterated tumors in mice and in a small trial group of humans in initial tests, and now it will be tested in a trial involving 500 people suffering from the illness.

But in search of effective new treatments, British researchers will test the procedure on up to 500 humans with advanced liver cancer.

It is believed the volunteers will all have the runny nose, cough and sore throat symptoms of the flu after being given the jab. Advanced liver cancer spreads rapidly throughout the body, and currently few options exist to slow the growth in inoperable patients. Currently those with less than 12 months to live are treated with daily tablets, which only slow the growth of the cancer.