Indian Foods That Speed Up Your Aging process


2020-08-30 15:23:51



Skin is the organ with the largest contact area between the human body and the external environment and is a barrier that separates the human body from the environment. We regularly face primary challenges in deciding what to eat to maintain young and healthy skin, defining a healthy diet and the role of diet in aging. Skin aging is a complex biological process, categorized as chronological aging and photo-aging, and is affected by internal factors and external factors. There are two main culprits that accelerate the aging process of our skin: sun exposure and chronological aging. Food is the foundation of our lives, and diet is the main way for the body to obtain the required substances for growth and maintenance. In this article we have tried to explain how certain foods can affect your skin health. Our list can help with that. 

Indian Spicy food : -Spicy food makes your blood vessels swell and even break, leading to purple marks on your face. If you have rosacea  common in women after menopause  the heat from spice can trigger a flare-up. It also raises your body temperature, so you sweat to cool back down. 

Red Meat: a recent study from Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute suggests that eating it more than once a week is linked to wrinkling, as well as serious health risks. According to the research, the high level of carnitine, a compound abundant in animal protein, can harden blood vessel walls, causing skin to crease prematurely.

Trans Fats: These manufactured fats, found in processed eats like fast foods and margarine, make you look older because they clog arteries. This takes away elasticity from skin because water can’t get through, says Brewer. But don’t cut out fat entirely.

Fried Foods: The difference between dough and a doughnut is a nice long bath in boiling oil. That bath promotes free radicals, or unstable molecules that damage other molecules in your cells and add years to your skin

Indian meat Kebab /Tikkas: Grilling meat at high temps creates advanced glycation end products. High amounts from charred meats cause inflammation that “inflammages” your body and triggers heart disease and diabetes.