Real covidiots-People who do not wear masks during the Corona era are of low intelligence


2020-07-15 07:48:09



The term 'covidiot' is a coronavirus-era slang term for someone who ignores recommendations to limit the spread of the deadly disease – and a new study reveals what makes these people dismiss the warnings.

According to the news published in the Daily Mail, those who refuse to wear masks and social distancing to prevent infection of the corona virus have low intelligence. Not only this, it shows that these people do not have the mental capacity to decide right and wrong.

Researchers found that whether or not an individual decides to follow social distancing depends on how much information their working memory can store, which determines mental abilities such as intelligence.

Following a survey of 850 Americans, the team discovered that those with more working memory capacity were more likely to comply with recommendations during the early stage of the outbreak.

The part of the brain used for functioning helps you to decide right and wrong. This part shows how much you have the ability to understand. If you are not properly understanding the rules made for the benefit, it means that you are not using the mind properly.