When will the coronavirus outbreak end In India?


2020-03-16 17:30:59

Credit: pixabay.com

Credit: pixabay.com

After the first case of COVID-19 on 2nd Feb 2020, disease caused by Coronaviruses (CoV), The state government informed that all the three coronavirus Kerala students, who were tested positive, were cured. India reported that there is no more case in Country. After a month trickle turned into steady current. the 123 people with confirmed covid-19 infection 2 deaths.

This so-called exponential curve has experts worried. If the number of cases were to continue, there would be about more than thousand of cases in India by coming 30 days.

That is math, not prophecy. The spread can be slowed, public health professionals say, if people practice “social distancing” by avoiding public spaces and generally limiting their movement.

Some expert say that outbreak will get worse before it gets better. There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that the spread of the disease will abate with warmer weather.

Experts say one possibility is that cases of the disease will start decreasing when enough people develop immunity, either through infection or vaccination. Another possible scenario is that the virus will continue to circulate and establish itself as a common respiratory virus.