Importance Of Adopting Green Chemistry

P. P. Sheth. (Formerly with Glaxo / Themis : Gujarat, India) A/8 Kalindi apt, chikuwadi, Ankleshwar,393001,Gujarat, India

2017-06-05 09:51:55



United Nations Conference on human environment was held in " Stockholm " on 5th June 1972 and decision was taken to take appropriate and timely steps for the preservation of natural resources of the earth, including control of water, land and atmospheric pollution and to maintain a clean environment.

India has also participated in this conference. and there after it was decided to celebrate 5th June as World Environment Day.

Accordingly, in 1974 the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) act was passed by the Parliament and formed a Pollution Control Board in the country.

In 1977 the " Water cess Act " has been passed and authorized  the board to collect the cess from the industries based on their water consumption.

An expert group meeting on environment protection legislation for South-East Asia was held in Bangkok during 13-17 December, 1977 to study the status on environmental pollution and decided to meet again in July, 1978 to finalize and confirm recommendations received for the legislation.

For the first time Gujarat State celebrated ' World Environment Day ' on 5th June 1976 and as a first efforts in Gujarat, vigorous steps have been taken to grow more trees and generate forest and conserve wild life. Over Four crore trees have been planted.

And now 5th June is celebrated regularly for reaffirming our concern for preservation and enhancement of environment.

So far India has framed more than 36 legislative rules & Acts for Environment Preservation & to Control Environment Pollution in the field like environment, Air, Water, Tribunal, Forest & wild life etc.


Rapid increase of population & so their per capita needs, led to deforesting & developing industries & finally landed into creating all sort of pollution problems & Damaging Environment, now it is beyond control to abate environment pollution unless we go for using very costly technology & use of costly equipments but this disturbs economical production to compete globally.

So only way now left out to go for environment friendly production through green chemistry & technocrats to provide economical ways for clean environment.

Fast industrial growth has created serious problems like ozone depleting, depletion of biodiversity, Global warming, soil erosion, land degradation Air and water quality deterioration. Owing to continued deterioration of environment, sustainable development has become a global issue. It is thus imperative that the concept of environmental and economic development move together with harmony towards the achievement of sustainable growth.

While looking at the nature, see how it has given simple technology to mankind. For the years, tress have been producing health care medicines, pigments, gums, cotton, aroma & many more likewise products without capital investment, without working capital, without costly utility plant, & without creating air, water, land, sound pollution complying all statutory requirements.

Green chemistry is a way of bringing back the perspective that chemicals are not all bad.

The mission in search of a solution to the problem of environment protection, environmental conservation, has converted into a distinctive discipline with the strategic objectives being increased efficiency, sustainability and finally social benefit, and this discipline is that of "CLEAN TECHNOLOGY" more commonly referred to as "GREEN CHEMISTRY".

By definition, Green Chemistry is the design, development and implementation of chemical products and processes to reduce or eliminate the use of substances hazardous to human health and environment.

Chemistry governs the Chemical Process industries and is key for achieving a clean and green industry. Green chemistry is the use of chemistry for pollution prevention. More specifically green chemistry emphasizes on promotion of research, development and implementation of innovative chemist technologies through design of chemical products and process that are more environmentally benign i.e. accomplish pollution prevention is in a scientifically sound and cost-effective manner.

The Major Seven principles of Green Chemistry now considered as a guiding factor for the working chemist & technologists & these are :

1.         Prevent waste, leave no waste to treat or clean up.

2.         Design less hazardous chemicals syntheses.

3.         Use renewable feedstock.

4.         Use safer solvents and reactions condition.

5.         Increase energy efficiency: Run chemical reaction at ambient temperature and         pressure.

6.         Design chemicals and products which are bio-degradable.

7.         Minimize the potential for accidents.


Sustainable development is the one that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, the basic principle of sustainable development is to be all the activities in an environmentally acceptable way with minimum utilization of resources. Conservation of resources and preserving our valuable assets for the next generations is our duty and responsibility.

Today all technocrats have to provide economical measures to clearing up yesterdays waste and have a significant role to play in preventing tomorrow's pollution.

Industries should cover more area for development of green belt, to honor national policy like rain water harvesting, ground water recharging as monsoon approaching soon and should workout mitigation measures on energy conservation. One cannot stop polluting environment but at least can keep it at a bare minimum level.

We as a common public should grow more trees & increase forest areas. If one citizen shall plant four trees in his life time ( At his Birthday, Marriage Day, Religious day & some beloved's death anniversary) so India's 130 crore population shall plant 520 Crore tress without much investment,  on the occasion of  World Environment Day, will it not be a great achievement in order to preserve environment.

NGO, community social  organization, Government, Officials, Corporate Sectors & all concerned citizen should  be a witness to join this global mission. Chemical engineers and chemical Technologists  to provide economical ways for  mfg of environmentally friendly & eco friendly products. For a sustainable clean environment.