More than 10 000 mink die from coronavirus in US


2020-10-11 17:26:37



Approximately 10,000 beers (mink) have been found dead in US fur farms amid devastation from Covid-19. After this incident, experts are claiming that the corona virus has spread from humans to animals. They have been found dead at Fur Farms in Ottoman Utah and Wisconsin.

According to a CNN report, about 8,000 beetles have died in Utah alone. Let us know that the beaver is also known for its soft hair. Dr. Utah Taylor, a veterinarian in Utah, quoted CNN as saying, 'This virus first appeared in the otter in August. A few days ago in July, some farm workers also fell ill.

The USDA's National Veterinary Services Laboratories has confirmed cases of SAR-CoV-2 -- the virus that causes Covid-19 -- in dozens of other animals, including dozens of dogs, cats, a lion, and a tiger.

Mink, which are closely related to weasels, otter and ferrets, appear to suffer similar symptoms to humans. Difficulty breathing and crusting around the eyes are usually seen, but the virus progresses rapidly, and most infected mink are dead by the next day, according to Taylor.