Teen Girl s Body Frozen After Death In Legal First


2016-11-22 09:58:34

Credit: CNN.com

Credit: CNN.com

The teenage girl’s instructions were direct: She didn’t want to be buried, but to be frozen — with the hope she can continue her life in the future when cancer is cured.

“I want to live and live longer and I think that in the future they may find a cure for my cancer and wake me up,” the 14-year-old wrote to a British judge before her recent death.

Before her death in a London hospital on October 17, her father, who the girl had not seen since 2007, was opposed to her plans to be frozen, while her mother was in support.

The teen took her battle to the High Court to fight for the right for her mum to have sole control of her remains.

The girl was too ill to attend the hearing and has since died, with her remains being taken to the United States and cryogenically frozen.

US-based Cryonics Institute issued a statement saying that the teenager had arrived at their facility and "packed in dry ice, at 5:00 pm on the 25th of October, approximately 8 days after death," becoming its 144th patient.

Its minimum fee for cryopreservation is $28,000 (26,400 euros), according to its website, and The Times reported the cost to the girl's family was $46,000.

Source: seeker.com, thestar.com