Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine boosted immunity in 99 percent older age participants


2020-11-19 09:58:41

Credit: pixabay.com

Credit: pixabay.com

Oxford University's Corona Virus Vaccine is getting great results and is especially effective for elderly people. Scientists associated with this project have published the results in The Lancet journal , which has revealed that this vaccine has greatly strengthened immunity in 99 percent of the people. Britain has already pre-ordered 10 million doses of this vaccine and it is believed that this year it may receive 4 million doses. 

560 participants were enrolled: 160 aged 18–55 years, 160 aged 56–69 years and 240 aged 70 years and older.These findings are encouraging because older individuals are at disproportionate risk of severe Covid-19 and so any vaccine adopted for use against SARS-CoV-2 [Covid-19] must be effective in older adults. One participant (in the 18–55 years low-dose group) received the incorrect vaccine after randomisation and was excluded from analysis. By 14 days after the boost dose, 208 (>99%) of 209 boosted participants had neutralising antibody responses.