Patanjali claims to have made Corona medicine


2020-06-11 15:06:50



Acharya Balakrishna said that as soon as the corona epidemic knocked with China all over the world, he put every department in his institute to work on the medicine used to treat corona only, the result of which is now revealed. is. He said that this drug was not only successfully tested, but it was also prepared.

Acharya Balakrishna claims that Pantjali has achieved success in making Corona medicine. He has also said that more than 1 thousand people will be cured with this medicine. Acharya Balakrishna claimed that this medicine was given to many Corona positive patients at different places, out of which 80 percent people have been cured.

According to Times of India Baba Ramdev said that he can say it with full guarantee that corona can be treated with giloy and ashwagandha. According to Baba Ramdev, when coronavirus enters the body, it disturbs the entire system. The virus multiplies and infects more and more cells. Giloy is 100 per cent effective in breaking this chain of infection causing virus.

As per Baba Ramdev, giloy and ashwagandha have already been given to the infected patients and the rate of recovery in these patients was 100 per cent with death rate at 0 per cent.

Source: India Today, Times of India