Cognizance 2022, IIT Roorkee


2022-03-26 16:39:16

Credit:IIT Roorkee

Credit:IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee hosts Cognizance 2022, Institute’s Annual Technical Festival and India’s most prominent technical festivals. Cognizance 2022 carries forward the legacy of uniting the nation’s brightest minds for an encore at the 3-day tech-tastic invigorating gala from March 25th to 27th, 2022. This year it’s going to be held in hybrid form. The technical festival has a plethora of events to offer. Each day of the three-day festival has been earmarked for guest lectures on pressing issues, competitions, exciting and informative workshops for different fields by prestigious companies.

Cognizance 2022 is the first hybrid edition of the second largest technical festival in Asia. It stands out from the rest as it boasts of being the only technical fest that organises departmental events annually. Over the years, it has garnered an impressive reputation of catering to students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines by addressing the technical and managerial concerns at the industrial level.

Cognizance 2022’s theme for the fest is ‘Unravelling Enigmas ’ which aims to unwind the theories such as quantum entanglement. Cognizance has always nurtured our nation’s young and talented minds and guided them on their quest for excellence. Quantum entanglement symbolises the will to discover new technologies, build upon them, and explore the endless possibilities in this contemporary world.

Cognizance’s mind-boggling lecture series by some of the prominent personalities around the globe gives the opportunity to students to interact with them. This year’s speakers are Harjeet Khanduja (Vice President HR Reliance, JIO), Sandeep Jain (Founder at Geeks for Geeks), Dr Heidi B. Hammel (Vice President for Science at AURA), Dr Massimo Stiavelli (JWST Mission Head at STScl), Sohini Ghose (Professor, Physics and Computer Science and NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering), Arjun Malhotra (Co-founder HCL Technologies) who are going to impress the students by their motivational and informative words.

This year Cognizance is going to be much grander with the major sponsors like Company Bench as Title Sponsor, TIH as Co-sponsor and LOCO as Gold Sponsor. Apart from this also there are other recognised gaming, educational, departmental, platform partners like ONGC, Tata Chemicals, Fenesta, Angel One and many more.

Cognizance is going to conduct many technical and non-technical events divided into categories - Innovation Conclave, Technical, Cogitation Summit, Business and Finance, Off the Cuff, Gaming and also Departmental. Also, there is a total prize worth of 25 lakhs, in which some of the major events are Innovwave (Fellowship worth INR 3 lakhs), Pedalthon (Fellowship worth INR 5 lakhs), Agrone (Fellowship worth INR 5 lakhs), International Coding Challenge (Prizes worth INR 1,00,000+), Scythe CTF (Prizes worth INR 1,75,000+), DesignX (Prizes Worth INR 1,65,000+), Gaming events (Prize worth INR 75,000) and many more. Apart from this, a set of events are going to be organised in collaboration with different departments at IIT Roorkee, testing the skills of participants in their core domains with a prize worth of INR 90,000.

Also, this year Cognizance 2022’s the only offline event going to be conducted named Techzibition, an opportunity for enthusiastic students to present their scientific innovations at an extraordinary exhibition to 20k+ students, experienced professors, renowned speakers and eminent personalities with a prize worth of INR 1.75 lakhs.

Workshops are a major part of Cognizance with a total of 14 workshops going to happen this year like Deep Learning workshop by NVIDIA, Malware Analysis by CISCO TALOS, Data structure and Algorithm by Coding Ninjas, Cryptoverse by DCX Learn, Cyber Security by Indian Cyber Security Solutions, Basics of Cryptocurrency by Coinswitch Kuber and many more. These workshops will help students to explore new fields and can nourish their skills as well. Some of the workshops that had already been conducted include, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence by IBM, Data Science and Machine Learning using Python by Dignique TechLabs.

Cognizance is known not only for its awesome technical events and workshops but also for the way in which it gives back to society. Some of the initiatives organised this year under the flagship of Cognizance are SAVE (Sustaining And Valuing Environment), FIFA ( Food Initiative for All), CARES (Covid Awareness and Relief Enactment Scheme) and UTSE (Uttarakhand Talent Search Examination). Cognizance’s initiatives were recognised by many organisations like UNESCO, Make In India, CEE, SAYEN, TRI (Tribal Research Institute Dehradun, Uttarakhand), Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Uttarakhand and USERC (Uttarakhand Science Education & Research Centre) which aims to initiate a sense of understanding, awareness and mindfulness among children and systems.

We cordially invite students of different institutes and colleges across the country to participate in the events and workshops of Cognizance 2022 and don’t miss the opportunity to explore new fields, interact with our prominent guest speakers and nourish their skills as well.