Effects Of Tattoo Ink On Human Skin

2017-09-16 09:49:34

Credit: pexels.com

Credit: pexels.com

New research suggested that inorganic pigments and toxic impurities of tattoo ink are transported to the body.

If you are going to getting a tattoo rethink about it. According to a study published today (September 12) in Scientific Reportsat least one of these components can travel to the lymph nodes in the form of nanoparticles, posing potential risks to tattooed individuals.

Tattoos and permanent make-up work by depositing insoluble pigments into the dermal skin layer. Results of this study suggested that ink nano particles transported to the lymph nodes. The exact size limit preventing this translocation is unknown yet. The chemical composition of the ink plays a big role. Tattoo ink is normally made from organic compounds but it also contains preservatives and contaminants like cobalt, chromium, manganese, or nickel. 


Source: The Scientist, seeker.com, Scientific Reports doi:10.1038/s41598-017-11721-z