IoT in Healthcare: An Endowment for Remote Place

Biswajit Gayen, Department of Chemistry, Dr. Sudhir Chandra Sur Institute of Technology & Sports Complex, JIS Group of College, 540 Dum Dum, Kolkata-700074, India

2021-10-23 10:14:00



Last two decades Science & Technology, Research & Development increase many fold compare to earlier, due to remarkable development in telecommunications, use of Internet, chip based storage, cloud storage, high quality data processing system [1]. In this context, Internet of Things (IoT) are blooming with its superfast speed in different smart field like  smart automobiles, homes, devices & electronics, agriculture, Healthcare,  Telemedicine and Hospital in Home [2].

IoT based healthcare services connected real time data collected by any medical device to the internet network, processed to cloud storage then after analyzed the data set received from patients, returned back the valuable results like bio-image, important body parameters. One can access this facility sitting at Kolkata as well as at a remote place hilly area of higher altitude [3-4]. 

It has been noted that in 2017 IoT based healthcare services gained its market value 41 billion US dollar. Globally, it is expected its market value will be 158 billion US dollar, nearly 4 times growth within just 4 years [3]. The above statistics tells us about the huge change over in healthcare service within very short time in future.

Despite of remote health service, one can consult to his or her doctor by phone call or video calling after getting all data using smart IoT based health service data for his/her own. In this concern, telemedicine brings us an opportunity to use healthcare service sitting at home, specially during the Covid-19 pandemic scenario. It has been reported a ten-fold increase in tele-consultation by USA Government during Covid-19 pandemic [5].

            Other than above mentioned IoT based health services, there are number of services those make the health service stronger and concrete, they are [6];

  • Mobile Apps for Healthcare
  • Transport of Pharmaceutical products on time
  • Aged Care Monitoring
  • Digitization of Critical Care
  • and Digital Pathology
  • Emergency Applications

All of these, IoT based health care services will make revolution globally, presently IoT based health services somewhat costly but in future it will affordable for all. One android phone with its digital connectivity keeps global population healthy and fit.





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