Largest Flower In India-Himalayan Sapria

2017-06-28 10:45:52

Credit:  All Points East

Credit: All Points East

Himalayan Sapria, a rare and interesting root parasite plant, is a botanical curiosity and is sensitive to human intervention. It is at the brink of extinction due to incessant human interventions in the natural forest environment, and has been included under the endangered category in the Red Data Book of the Botanical Survey of India.

It is related to the better known Rafflesia. The flowers of Himalayana sapria are 20 cm across, unisexual, bright red in colour covered with sulphur-yellow spots. They appear above the ground and have a putrid odour. Flowering shoot is short, erect and unbranched. Buds are globose and have white and pink bracts. They appear above the ground, bloom for 2–3 days and have a putrid odour. Flowers are fleshy with imbricate inflorescence. Perianth is campanulate. Male flowers have 2-loculed anthers, broadly ellipsoid, dehiscent by apical pores; apical cupular body base convex; gynostegium blood red. The flowering and fruiting occur during winter (December to February) .