NIRAMAI launches home screening service for breast health


2020-06-06 05:59:44



Niramai Health Analytix, a pioneer in contact-less breast health screening, has launched their home screening service in Bengaluru. This brings its award-winning Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution called Thermalytix™ to the door-step of women. In light of the inaccessibility of hospital OPDs and diagnostic labs in recent times and possibly in the near future, launch of this new format comes as a boon to women.

This service is aimed at women who would like to check their breast health for the first time, or are due for their annual preventive check-up and those who have observed some breast changes. The test is appropriate for any women above 18 years of age. 

A female technician of Niramai will offer this service with prior appointment and will follow all required safety protocols. The test will be conducted in complete privacy without any physical contact and the reports will be certified by a radiologist and emailed within 24 hours of the screening. 

Speaking about this launch, Dr. Geetha Manjunath, Founder & CEO, said, “In recent weeks, there has been a sea-change in the way consumers access various health care services. There is a growing acceptance of digital and home-based services. Keeping in mind the importance of routine breast health screening for early detection of abnormalities, Niramai launches its home screening service in Bengaluru to start with. We also look forward to working with partners and offering this in other cities. The process is privacy-aware and since it is entirely non-invasive, it works well with the requirement for physical social distancing in these times.”