National Conference On Management Of Bio-Medical Wastes and Air Pollution


2019-01-23 10:11:15



ASSOCHAM is organizing National Conference on Bio-Medical Wastes and Air Pollution under the theme “Addressing Challenges and Solutions towards Sustainable Human Health” on 13th February 2019 at New Delhi. This conference is co-organized by Directorate of Health Services, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi, and is supported by NITI Aayog, UNIDO, Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change; and Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India.

Humanity wonders daily why new diseases appear, why the increase of existing ones, and the reason for the environmental deterioration that humans have taken to the planet.

India’s population is predominantly young, with 35 per cent of the population estimated to be 15–34 years old. Health impacts on this young population will significantly damage India’s long-term political and economic prospects. To ensure not only a reasonable quality of life for its citizens but also the participation of its huge working age population in the economy, India must address its environmental issues. And the urgency of doing so must be recognized now before the consequences of inaction catch-up with the country. Today, India has the unique opportunity to be environmentally smart, at the urban and the regional scale, and this boils down to two challenges: (a) securing greater Healthcare Establishments (HCFs) awareness of the bio-medical waste problems and commitment to action and (b) ensuring that action to tackle air pollution is seen in the context of wider social and economic development.

This conference will showcase the very best in cutting-edge technology solutions and will bring together over 150 delegates and speakers representing cross-section of stakeholders – business leaders from top hospitals and health care systems, eminent experts in sustainable environment technology, government and regulatory authorities, business innovators, consultants and leading global industrial bodies to share a common platform for discussing challenges being faced in effective management of Bio-Medical Waste & Air Pollution and the solutions that can be leveraged at scale to support the sustainable human health. The conference is at Hotel The Royal Plaza, New Delhi. Scientific India Magazine is the official media partner for the conference.

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