Plants grown on the soil of the moon for the first time


2022-05-13 16:55:17

Creating a human colony on the moon can now be easy. Because to build a city anywhere, food comes first among the essential items. If the soil of that place is in growing plants for the first time in the soil of the moon. It was not an easy task, but it was done. Growing crops on the moon will not be easy. Because the soil there is rocky. During long space travel, fresh food will not be available on the moon. You cannot take away the soil of the earth.

The cost will go up a lot. That's why testing was done to grow crops on the soil of the moon. 382 kg of soil came from the moon During the Apollo missions of the American space agency NASA, a total of 382 kilograms of stones were brought from the moon to the earth. NASA distributed those stones among scientists. But it was not known that in how many years this soil will end. It is expected that America is planning to bring more soil from the Moon during the Artemis Missions.