Supreme Court Of India Orders Closure Of Mobile Tower On Cancer Patient s Plea


2017-04-12 10:03:30

Credit: Merinews

Credit: Merinews

This is the first time a cell tower is being deactivated because of an individual's complaint about its allegedly harmful effects.

The Supreme Court ordered Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited to shut down a mobile phone tower in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior after a man claimed he was afflicted with cancer from being exposed to the tower’s electromagnetic radiation, The Times of India reported on Wednesday. The apex court directed BSNL to deactivate the tower in the next seven days.

The radiation from the BSNL cell tower, less than 50 metres from the house where he worked, afflicted him with Hodgkin's Lymphoma caused by continuous and prolonged exposure to radiation from the cell tower

Source:, Times of India