ICHR To Map Ancient Indian Scientific Achievements

2016-01-25 04:12:38

Credit: kcet.org

Credit: kcet.org

The history of science and technology in India starting from the ancient era up to the colonial rule will be among the top focus areas of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), chairman Y Sudershan Rao told ET in an interview recently.

In what could define the thrust of historical research under the NDA government, the Indian Council Of Historical Research (ICHR) has decided to pursue two new projects, including one on mapping the country’s scientific achievements starting from the Vedic era up to the 18th century.

The council, reconstituted by the Ministry of Human Resource Development nine months ago, met on September 23, when it also approved a proposal to map the history of environmental science in the country from ancient times to the modern era.

The ICHR will draft historians to study ancient literature — Vedas, Puranas, Dharmasastras, Artha Sastra, Vedanga Jyotisha, Rasasastra and Vastu Sastra — to trace the country’s achievements in astronomy, chemistry, cosmology, botany, ayurveda, architecture, aesthetics and military technology, among other technical and scientific disciplines.

Source: indianexpress.com, timesofindia.indiatimes.com