Previously extinct flying squirrel returns to forests of Uttarakhand for first time in 70 years


2020-08-16 17:57:42



Many forms of nature come out from time to time. Something similar has happened in Uttarakhand, where a species of flying squirrel that has almost reached the verge of extinction has been seen, which has never been seen before. A rare species of squirrel has been seen for the first time in the dense forests of Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, which is almost extinct.

This squirrel is also special because it can fly. Hence its name is flying squirrel. Its body is fringed like wool. It is also called woolly flying squirrel. This woolly flying squirrel was recently spotted in Gangotri National Park through the research department, which is on the verge of extinction. This brown squirrel is completely fleeced like wool.

This squirrel builds its nests mostly on oak, cedar and rosewood trees. Flying squirrels have been seen in golden, brown and dark colors. A 30–50 cm long flying squirrel has also been spotted in Lansdon in Kotdwar. Local people also call them Patta tigers due to the neck. Earlier these squirrels had more number, but due to the cutting forest and global warming, their number has started decreasing. Now they are recorded in Schedule-2 of the Wildlife Protection Act.