100th Flight Of ISRO In Space

Vivek Kumar Chaturvedi, Centre of Biotechnology, University Of Allahabad, Allahabad -211002 U.P. India

2018-01-13 03:07:17

Credit: ISRO

Credit: ISRO

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has launched its 100th satellite by creating history. Satellite name of PSLV series is cartosat-2. This satellite is also known as 'I in the Sky', because it is designed to take pictures from superstition. The special thing is that it will keep a close eye on Pakistan-based terrorist bases. This launch is also very special for India because before that the PSLV-39 mission had failed and the Indian scientists again once again launched its demise.

Actually, it is a big deal to re-launch a mission. Satara Satyash Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota was launched from Satara and 30 other satellites of ISRO's 100th Satellite Cartosat-2 series at 9.28 am on Friday morning. ISRO said that these satellites launched from the 44.4 meter long rocket PSSV-40 include Cartosat-2, a nano satellite of India, a micro satellite and 28 foreign satellites. External satellites include Canada, Finland, Korea, France, UK and US 25 Nano and three micro satellites. All these 31 satellites weigh 1323 kg. ISRO and its business arm, Space Corporation Limited, have been arranged to launch all the satellites. According to ISRO officials, 30 satellites will be launched in 505 kilometres of the Sun's Contemporary Cell (SSO). A micro satellite will be set up in 359 km SSO. This whole launch will take two hours and 21 seconds. High quality photographs will be sent. The main purpose of the cartosat-2 cartosat is to send high quality photos. It will be used to make maps. There are multi spectral cameras in it. This will monitor coastal areas, urban-rural areas, roads and water distribution etc.

10 special features of ISRO's 100th Satellite Launch

1. PSLV C-40 carried 31 satellites with it, in which there is an Indian micro satellite and a nano satellite besides the Monitor Satellite of the CartosAT-2 series.

2. 28 small foreign satellites were also sent in space, including the US, UK, France, Canada, Finland and South Korea's satellites, with 19 satellites alone in the United States

3. The Cartosat 2 satellite series is a surveillance satellite, with the help of immediate information on defence and agriculture sector. It will be used for monitoring coastal areas and cities.

4.  A cartridge saturation series is equipped with a high-resolution camera, which will be used to draw the photo taken. These launches are at four levels and so far three launches have been successful.

5.  ISRO's AS Kiran said that during the last PSLV launch, we had problems and what happened today proves that the problem was properly noticed and improved. Best wishes for giving this New Year gift to the country.

6.  For the observation of the earth, the 710 kg Kitset-2 series is the primary satellite of the mission. It also has a co-passenger satellite that includes 100 kilograms of micro and 10 kilogram nano satellites.

7.  Fourth phase PSLV-C-40 height will be 44.4 meters and weighing 320 tonnes. With PSLV 31 satellites, weighing 1332 kg have been integrated so that they can be deployed in the upper orbit of the Earth after observation.

8.  For the 42nd mission, ISRO will send credible public utility polar satellite launch vehicle PSLV-C40, which is the satellites of the Cartoset-2 series and 30 co-passengers, whose total weight is approximately 613 kg.

9.  This 44.4 meter rocket will be launched from the first launch pad of SatishDhawan Space Center, Sriharikota. In the passenger satellites, India has a micro and a nano satellite, while six other countries - Canada, Finland, France, Korea, UK And America's three micro and 25 nano satellites are being included.

10.  Under these trade agreements between ISRO and Antrix Corporation Limited, these 28 international satellites will be launched. This will be the third satellite of the 100th satellite cartoset-2 series. Of the 28 international co-passenger satellites, 19 are from America, five South Korea and one each from Canada, France, Britain and Finland.

Here's a list of 10 achievements of ISRO...

  • 2017: ISRO launches 104 satellites simultaneously, which was the largest launch by any space agency.
  • 2017: ISRO successfully tested GSLV MK-3, so that India could send humans to space in 2020.
  • 2016: ISRO has created its own Satellite Navigation System IRNSS.
  • 2016: ISRO launches 20 satellites of America, Canada, Germany and Indonesia.
  • 2016: ISRO launches a Space Shuttle Recall Launch Vehicle worth Rs. 95 crores
  • 2014: ISRO Mars Mission was successful in Manglyan, which was ten times cheaper than NASA
  • 2008: ISRO's first lunar mission covers India in the elite club of 6 countries.
  • 1993: PSLV launches 40 satellites from 19 countries since 1993.
  • 1983: ISRO launched 9 satellites for communication and broadcast from 1983, which is known as INSAT.
  • 1975: ISRO launches history by launching India's first satellite Aryabhatta