Nasa rover spots strange alien doorway gate on mars found


2022-05-13 16:36:36



One of the most recent snaps beamed back from the Curiosity rover on Mars has revealed a rather interesting feature in the rocks: what looks to be a perfectly carved out doorway nestling in the Martian landscape.

This picture was taken by the MastCam of the Mars Curiosity rover on 7 May 2022. The picture was found in black and white. Which was later colored by NASA scientists. Initially, NASA scientists told that at first they thought that a way had been found to get to the center of Mars. Or it is the door of some little alien's house. Or is there a tunnel.

Some scientists believe that this is a shape formed by the breaking of stone due to the earthquake on Mars . Or it is the result of some kind of pressure or strain lying on the stones. Because on May 4 this year, information about the most terrible earthquake on Mars was revealed. It may be that due to this earthquake, such a path has been made in this stone.