Hackfest- A 36 Hour Long Software And Hardware Hackathon

2016-12-22 07:22:10


A 36 hour long software and hardware Hackathon.


Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad, Jharkhand.


20th January – 22nd January 2017 Prizes Prizes worth 1.5 Lakhs plus swag and goodies.

Description Hackfest is a 36 hour long Hackathon where people from different colleges especially from IIT’s and NIT's come together to turn their imagination into reality. Participants trade their sleep to innovate revolutionary products - both software and hardware. They also get to pitch their ideas to the most experienced professionals from the industry. Participants will have a chance to score an Internship and even get Full-time placement offer. Along with the humongous prize money, goodies and swag will be distributed. Snacks and meals will also be provided. The most important thing you’ll take back home from our event is experience which you get from interacting with fellow participants and mentors from various tech-giants such as Mozilla, Atkins etc. So bring out the Innovator, Entrepreneur in you and register for Hackfest right now.

For any queries reach out to us:

Website: www.hackfest.co.in

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hackfest17

Mail: [email protected]