2016-02-14 08:06:28

HackfestISM is a 36 hour long hackathon to be held at Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad from 46 March, 2016. This is the first university hackathon to be organised at ISM Dhanbad.
What is hackathon?
A hackathon is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development and hardware development collaborate intensively on projects. It is regarded as an opportunity for passionate people in the industry to display their problem solving skills using recent technology. Hackathons are quite common among universities and tech companies in the west, and are becoming a trend in India.
The purpose of HackfestISM:
Our aim is to gather people who are willing to learn new things and create great stuffs to make this world a better place. Being surrounded by really smart developers, peers and engineers from top tech companies and startups, we are sure that the participants will have a very good learning experience. With the coding culture flourishing in India in past few years, we want the students to build things that solve real world problems and get out of their comfort zone.
Why attend a hackathon?
● Being present among smartest individuals, you get to learn new technologies, APIs, frameworks, etc.
● You’ll be updated with the developer community by knowing the trends in the industry.
● You’ll interact with the companies visiting HackfestISM and learn about their innovations. You might even get hired for internship/fulltime positions.
● You’ll get to know interesting problems to work on, and also learn to solve them when you are being assisted by mentors and other developers at HackfestISM.
● By the end of the event, you’ll have a working solution to some real world problem. This can be a big confidence booster and reflect well on your resume.
● You’ll learn define a problem, create a model for solution, plan and implement it in 36 hours.
● Last but not the least, freebies (food, coffee, beverage, Tshirts).
Also, the hackathon is not limited to folks in software development. We are also inviting hardware solutions at HackfestISM. The best part is, we’ll provide you with the components essential for developing your solution. This can be an opportunity for participants interested in robotics and software development to collaborate to create really cool projects.
For any queries, reach out to us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/hackfestism
For More Detail  visit: http://www.hackfestism.org/