How COVID 19 changes the work culture in IT: Are we moving towards complete digital workplace?

Ashish Jain, Fidelity information services

2020-05-15 07:37:16



Most popular word now a days in the whole world is COVID-19. Worldwide impact of COVID 19 is incalculable and moving ahead it will continue to grow.

Only about 4 percent of employees were regularly working from home before pandemic .“Due to Pandemic 34 percent of Americans professionals who earlier commuted to work reported that they were working from home till April” as per MIT report. This recent data shows a groundbreaking change in IT work culture. So, it’s most likely probability that many professionals who are now working from home will remain to do so after the pandemic.

Companies found a lack of collaboration tools and interpersonal training. “54% of the companies in India do not have enough technology and resources for employees to workfrom home “says in a report by Gartner. Figuring out how to communicate, how to make decisions as a group, and how to maintain relationships between coworkers are some of the biggest challenges confronting organizations today.  Video conferencing tools and collaboration tools are used by most of IT companies to allow and manage the work from home culture impeccably. They are testing their systems before they can implement any widespread measure to allow their lakhs of employees to stay home.

After pandemic may be less demands for office spaces and if there is any then demand is uncertain. Companies will have to know how to leverage their data and calibrating insights as the impact may not be going to uniform. As during pandemic outbreaks large cap IT companies are adopting more and more work from home culture.They have implemented remote working policies as part of their companies measure.Twitter has made working from home mandatory for all workers globally. As we have settled down to new routine it is also making us to question a constant need to travel during normal time and it also making us to understand new ways of keeping virtual team engaged and very importantly accelerating the option of technology at work. Transformation of work and organizations is being shaped by talent and technology. New technology like faster commuting connected devices, cloud is redefining the interface of man and machine. Vectors in which team will be evolved would be firstly Remote and secondary would be more skill oriented and collaborated.

Corona virus will certainly transform the way office space looks and how it operates. Now, When the employees return to their respective workplaces after novel COVID 19 pandemic, they will encounter some differences. Now most of old activities took over by automation and AI.The doors will open automatically, so that they do not have to touch the handles. They could tell the elevator where they wanted to go, while taking the elevator, instead of pressing the many buttons inside the elevator. Instead of old open floor work culture now they will encounter rooms or cubicles with proper dividers and well-spaced desks and chairs. They could tell the elevator where they wanted to go, instead of pressing the many buttons inside the elevator.conference rooms and kitchen will have less chairs and time to time sanitization will happen. There may be no large group parties and gatherings. Face mask and sanitizer may be the mandatory things every employee should have with them. Moving forward Social distancing thinking may be a part of our genes.Hand shake will be replaced with Namaste culture in professional business.

As far as the health concern of employee during this pandemics , top notch companies are taking big steps like Google has setup a separate fund allowing all its contract staff and temporary employees to take paid sick leave globally. Amazon, started paying hourly workers which includes 10,000 or more food service, security,janitorial.It also offers extra paid time off for those employees who are contracting the virus.

Fidelity National Information Services (FIS)islargely committed towards the health and fitness of theiremployees. Measure such as Temperature, availability of mask, deep cleaning and sanitization are in place. Large level change in travel procedures is also in consideration as employees can go to a website enter the travel plan with chosen destination which further determine if it is advisable to visit or not depend upon the pandemic impact on that area. Every official travel is cancelled, and online Microsoft teams is introduced for company townhall and weekly meets.Such pandemic like COVID 19 requires employees to stay within home and with limited outside contact, which prevent or minimize the COVID 19 spread. Companies mayinvest more to support infra related to work from home cultureso that the way work is done is also transformed more interdependent, more collaborative, more agile and more flexible.

Below is the list of some companies who took measures and technologies enhancement during the COVID-19 outbreak across countries.




Technological Implementation


  1. Mandate worldwideWFHguidelines across APAC.
  2. Postponed and suspended travel and official gatherings
  3. Weekly calls on mental health of employee including medical advice is conducted.
  1. It has implementedWebExthat benefits employees to stay connected while WFH and continue increase productive, while stayinghealthy inhouse.

Fidelity information services

  1. Work from home is mandatory for Worldwide employees
  2. Online Townhalls/ annual announcements are done through Microsoft team
  3. Worldwide employees are updated related to measurestaken and steps to stay well by HR team
  1. Remote Training and onboarding
  2. Cloud services and network agility for rapid scaling
  3. Enable launch of real time landing platform for Cares Payroll protection program

F5 Networks

  1. F5 networks has mandated WFH for all employees, which has been in place for several weeks now.
  2. It is preventing all non-essential domestic and overseas travel.
  3. Started the Sanitization of office spaces, regular temperature check-ins of employees.
  1. Programs such as APACLearning Week. whichpermitsdistant teams to collaborate and share information of each other’s work and technological expertise
  2. Central repository of resource is implantedfor employees, partners and customers.

PRecious Communications

  1. By mandating 50% of its staff work from home and staggered work hours is the way it is currently managing the COVID-19 outbreak.


  1. To maintain the productivity, they have put in place the Video conferencingand teleconferencing tools.

Tiger Brokers Singapore

  1. Online broker in the financial tech industry, it allows a flexible and digital workable environment for all worldwide employees.
  2. Mandating sanitization and making available Covid-19 care kits and hygienic working office for employees.
  1. It spends large money toimprove its VPN access, video conferencing tools, mobile chatting software.