Central black holes inside galaxies are rejuvenating systems of timeless universe

Amrit Sorli

2024-02-25 06:40:43

Credit: pixabay.com

Credit: pixabay.com

James Web telescope has greatly increased our knowledge of the universe. New galaxies have been discovered, and some of them are so old that hardly enter into the Big Bang cosmology model. Encouraging discovery is the observation of huge jets that are coming out of central supermassive black holes of several galaxies and are thrown into intergalactic space. These jets represent the new fresh energy for the development of new stars and new galaxies.

The origin of the jets is not clear yet, but a group of physicists have a novel idea, namely, that in supermassive black holes of galaxies old matter is transforming back into fresh energy. In supermassive black holes atoms become unstable, they fall apart into elementary particles that form huge astrophysical jets. Supermassive black holes are rejuvenating systems of the universe, they “eat” themselves and transform their old matter into fresh energy. The process of transformation of old matter into fresh energy is keeping the universe “eternally young”. In other words, the entropy of the universe is stable, and central black holes are decreasing universe entropy. The sum of the universe as a whole is constant.

The advantage of this cosmological model is that it obeys the first law of thermodynamics; energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed but it can be transformed. In the Big Bang model cosmology, the appearance of the energy is not well explained, the universe somehow has popped out of nothing. This is difficult to comprehend, and it sounds mysterious. So-called “Evidence-Based Cosmology” (EBC) has no problem with the beginning, according to this model universe is eternal, non-created, and rejuvenates itself.

The next advantage of the EBC model is that it is based only on astronomical observations. It has no theoretical basis for some initial explosion in some remote physical past. The unsolvable problem of Big Bang cosmology is that the existence of some physical past was never proved experimentally. Nothing could be started in some physical past because there is no physical past. Universal space is time-invariant. In the universe, time exists as the duration of motion in time-invariant space. The idea that with telescopes we see into some remote past is false. With telescopes, we see further into time-invariant universal space. Past and future are psychological realities through which we experience motion and change in time-invariant universal space. This has to be understood and is the standpoint for cosmology development. Einstein was clear that time has no physical existence: “The distinction between the past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” Erwin Schrödinger was also aware linear time is only a human dimension that has no physical reality: “For eternity and always there is only now and the same now: the present is the only thing that has no end”. Julian Barbour announced in 1999 in his book “The End of Time” that the right understanding of time would be the next revolution of physics. The fact is that we are born, we live and we die in the same time-invariant space. Today physics is still clinging to the idea that physical time is real despite a lack of experimental evidence. We still experience the universe as something that has started in some remote past and we are not aware that our experience is not objective, it is subjective because linear time “past-present-future” is subjective reality. We are “projecting” our inner psychological time into the utterly timeless universe. Indian philosophy has taught us for centuries that there is no physical time, that only NOW exists. Indian sages came to this knowledge by experience, not by theoretical research. In recent years also theoretical physics came to the same conclusion but the application in cosmology is still an ongoing process. The only real universe is the one we can observe and it exists in time-invariant space. All the rest about some events in the remote physical past is just human imagination.

            The progress of science is in acknowledging the misunderstandings that have been created in the past. The idea of Isaac Newton's of the existence of physical time was born in the same time-invariant space in which Einstein integrated time into space and created the space-time model. Physicists took space-time too seriously thinking that time real is a 4th dimension of space. We know today that time is merely the duration of motion in space. The equation of Special Relativity confirms this undoubtfully: X4 = ict. In this equation distance X4 is the product of the imaginary number i, light speed c, and time t. Einstein put in the equation imaginary number i to point out that it is about an imaginary dimension that has no physical existence. It is time that his vision of time is finally fully understood. The universe is timeless and eternal, the creation of the universe in some remote physical past is a myth that needs to be superseded.

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